About the EU Sports Platform

The EU Sports Platform exists as an open forum for sport and its related activities in Brussels, the political and legislative capital of the European Union.
Its aim is to decode the jargon of EU & sport and to help the sports world better understand why and how the EU institutions are becoming more important in influencing sports regulations.
The Platform seeks to bring together sports governing bodies and other stakeholders from all 27 EU Member States, to enable them to voice their concerns and to ensure that they remain ahead of the game as far as European Union activity is concerned.
Sport is currently not an EU competence and is therefore only subject to EC law when it constitutes an “economic activity”, i.e. with regard to advertising, gambling, employment issues, transport etc. The Lisbon Treaty foresees the introduction of sport within EU competencies, giving a legal base to support Member States in the social, educational and cultural aspects of sport.
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