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Hermes, the winged god, arrives in his own universe, number 12 in the 48. He starts to relax after the long journey and he thanks his three good friends Velocity, Time and Gravity for being such good companions.

The four of them are laughing together as they recall the many good experiences they have just shared being together as one force, one energy, one consciousness. A grand adventure they all agree and each tell the parts they enjoyed the most.

Then they are considering where their next journey might be and it is while they are doing this, Hermes becomes aware there is another task for him to do and he tells his friends so.

He prepares himself. He puts on his wings, which are little more than symbolic and using his clairvoyance, he sees he will be traveling to the Universe which contains the Solar System and Planet Earth and he sees his destination is the Vatican in Rome.

When he travels between universes, Hermes uses The Thought. He travels not at the speed of Light  but at the speed of The Thought and he arrives instantly. Once on the planet his three friends Time, Velocity and Gravity are able to assist him because now, they can apply the full effects of their energies. He is ready, so he asks them to join him. Willingly, they agree.



The year is 34 AD and The Seer is standing on a beach in the southern part of Galia. The Goddesses Isis and Maat have requested him to be here to meet and to help a woman coming from Judea. Her name is Maria Meme, also called The Rose From Jerusalem She is Egyptian by birth and Meme in Egyptian means ‘the one who talks with the stars’.

The Seer is pleased to accept the challenge. His clairvoyance has told him exactly where she will be arriving and so he is here, now, watching the sea. Once again he looks out and exactly how and where and when he had pictured it, he observes a sail in the distance where the sea meets the sky.

He watches the boat get nearer and nearer to the shore. He waves and someone waves back, then when the boat is almost to the shore, he walks into the water and using the lift of the next wave, he helps guide the boat onto the beach. A man jumps out and together, using the next wave, they move the boat so that more than half of it is out of the water. Two people remain sitting in the back of the boat.

The Seer looks but he cannot see her. "Where is she?" he asks the boatman.

The boatman looks concerned. "Who?" he says.

The Seer smiles, "You know who I mean, she is called Maria Meme."

The boatman smiles, relieved. "Friend, I'm sorry, you could have been anyone, I was just being cautious. She's back there, under the cover."

The Seer climbs into the boat, goes to the back and with the help of the other two, he carefully pulls back the cover. He is shocked when he sees Maria lying there. She is so wasted, so pale and obviously in very bad shape.

The boatman explains that it had been a long and difficult crossing. They had called at two islands in the latter half of their journey, but somehow, time had always seemed to be a priority so they had simply re-provisioned, then sailed on.

The Seer bends, he gently works his arms under Maria, then he lifts her. Carefully, he carries her out of the boat and walking some thirty paces up the beach, he lays her down on the warm sand and makes her comfortable. Then he walks back to the boatman, they shake hands and the Seer puts his free arm around him, hugs him and thanks him for bringing her safely here. He walks to the boat and thanks the two for being good companions and for caring for her as best they could.

Together, he and the boatman push the boat into the sea , then he returns to Maria. He stands, watching as the boat begins to make way, then with a shout of “Good bye and safe journey”, he turns his back to the sea, bends, tenderly picks up Maria and carries her to the top of the beach.

He has already made a shallow hollow in the warm sand, big enough for two to lie together and he has covered the base of it with leaves gathered from the bushes beyond the shoreline. Gently, he moves Maria into the hollow and settles her there. During all of this she does not stir.

  Returning to the bushes, he breaks several longer branches with plenty of leaves and when he is back with Maria, he plants these in the sand beside the hollow, so they lean over and give shade from the hot sun.

Satisfied with his work, he sits down beside her and begins to read her auras. He sees the journey across the sea has been long and hard and has all but killed her, but reading her future, he knows she will recover. She sleeps deeply, at times trembling violently, but he is in constant attention, keeping her comfortable, fresh and clean.

He has brought an additional water skin for Maria, full of pure water from a mountain stream and to this he has added crushed herbs which he knows will accelerate the healing process. He uses it to wet her lips and he gives her small sips each time she wakes. During the cool of the night, he lays close to her, sharing his warmth with her.

For three days Maria sleeps. Each morning he brings fresh branches to maintain the shade, then on the forth morning Maria wakes, her head is on the shoulder of the Seer. Feeling her move, he wakes instantly and as he opens his eyes, he sees her eyes studying his face. "I know you" she says, "I know who you are. I've had dreams about you."  Then, sensing she is safe, she smiles, closes her eyes and falls back into a deep sleep.

In the late afternoon she wakes again, looking much refreshed now. She smiles at him as he bends beside her, his hand checking the temperature of her brow. "I feel so weak and so hungry!” she says. He nods and smiles, then he takes her hands and slowly he helps her to sit up. The effort of it makes her feel quite dizzy and takes the little energy she has regained.  He waits until she feels more steady then offers her the water skin and allows her to take several mouthfuls.

While Maria had been sleeping this last time, the Seer had read the changes in her and has prepared a little soup from dried meat, crushed healing herbs and water. The soup is still warm and with one arm supporting her back, he holds the bowl so she can drink from it. She drinks it all and he knows this will do her much good. Just the one bowl of soup is all she will needs for now, then he offers her the water skin, once again limiting how much she drinks.

Like most travelers who are uncertain of where their journey will take them or where they will next eat, he has salt, dried meat, salted fish and some nuts, grains and edible berries in his bag and this will sustain them for several days.

The healing herbs and the food quickly begin to make Maria stronger and after two more days she says to him, "Seer, my strength is almost fully returned and I feel we have quite a way ahead of us so the sooner we get started the better. Maybe a little walking will be good for me.”

"I am pleased and I agree”, he says, “Tomorrow we can make a start but it is under one condition.  it is important you tell me and that we rest whenever you feel the need to do so."

While she has been regaining her strength, the Goddesses have shown him the route they will take and their final destination, the Mountain where the four corners of the world are meeting and so the Seer is fully prepared.

Now, finally, their journey begins. Day one and he is in constant close attention.  Whenever he senses her strength falling, they rest, but eventually he reads her energy growing weaker and he picks a place to spend the night, just beyond the shoreline. He gathers dried grasses and kindling and quickly he has a fire burning and he sets about preparing another meal.

For Maria, it has been good to be active once again, but now she is resting she realises just how tired she feels.  It is like a heavy weight on her shoulders, her neck, her eyelids.  Suddenly everything, even eating soup seems a huge effort and it is all she can do to stay awake.  Even eating seems to drain her and immediately after eating, unable to keep her eyes open, she lies down and falls into a deep restful sleep.

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